m2 is the safety device, designed by the Czech company MarS a.s. The metal parts are made from stainless steel or aluminium alloy. The device keeps track of jumps and shows the battery charge. The device is available in m2 EXPERT, m2 STUDENT, m2 TANDEM and m2 SPEED versions. The modes on some units can be changed each day as follows: m2 Student can be switched into Expert Mode, m2 Expert can be switched into Speed Mode, m2 Tandem & Speed units cannot be switched by the user, Unit reverts back to original mode when shut off. Why m2 AAD:

• ultra low power design – no need for battery replacement throughout its lifetime
• 15-year lifetime without servicing required by the manufacturer
• compact smooth rounded metal construction
• minimal thickness of the body, control unit, as well as the cutter
• water resistant to 2 m in salt or fresh water
• simple operation and many sophisticated extra features

The kit m2 includes: box, device, replacement filter, 2 loops, branded pull up cord, badge m2, washer, disc with a manual, a form of trip reports.