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New AAD — m2 multi version

Czech company Mars a.s announces new AAD m2 multi version. The device will be presented at the 2017 PIA, sales will begin in July 2017. The cost of the new device will be slightly higher than that of conventional instrument m2. More information will be at the conference PIA 2017. In an attachment, there is additional information.

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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas,
Into the New Year, we wish you good health, satisfaction, personal success
and look forward to further cooperation.

P.S.: We have holiday from 18.12.2015 to 6.1.2016 (incl.). I look forward to after this date on your orders 🙂

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Rigging Innovations approval of m2 AAD.

Good news for owners of backpacks by Rigging Innovations, Inc!
The manufacturer issued Service Bulletin SB-1552 , which confirms the installation of m2 into harness and container systems :
— Talon 1 , Talon 2 , Talon 3.0 including FS and FX.
— Telesis 1 , Telesis 2 , Telesis 3.0
— Flexon, Genera, Voodoo, and Curv.
You can read the bulletin here.

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PIA Symposium 2015

Company MarS a.s. traditionally involved in the PIA Symposium. We invite all friends and customers to visit our booth number 88 in the PIA Symposium 2015We are waiting for you at our technical seminar. See you!

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We are the best in 2014!

Manufacturer of parachute equipment and supplies, the Czech company MarS a. s was rated the best dealers, sellers m2 ADD.

By the end of 2014 the best dealers over a hundred device m2, was Maxim Karas, the official dealer MarS a. s in Ukraine, c 2012. During this time, the dealer was able to establish itself as a responsible and open to dialogue with the customer supplier m2 ADD.

Under the guidance of the dealer, currently employs three people, who are responsible for receiving and processing orders, logistics, and customer support.

Our main activities are: sale of device m2 and cutter to them, help with the official service and warranty services, counseling and selection of equipment.

We thank our customers for their trust and good comments about our work.

Certificate is available for download below.

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New Year holidays in the company of Mars a.s.

Dear friends, manufacturer AAD Mars a.s (Czech Republic), goes to the New Year’s holiday, which lasted from 18/12/2014 to 01/07/2015 inclusive.
At the same time, as the official dealer, we continue to work and ready to ship devices with its warehouse. Available devices have version m2 expert. On other versions of the device, we take orders, and will be ready to ship them to 14/01/2015.
We rest from 24.12 to 12.28.2014 and 01.03.2015 at 1.01. On the other days — take orders, and is engaged in sending devices.

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AAD m2 on DZ Fifth Ocean

Good news! New DZ near Kiev — Fifth Ocean chose our devices to staff their tandem, student and rental of parachute systems. More than 25 different versions of the devices are installed and successfully working every weekend and public holidays at DZ Fifth Ocean! Have development and prosperity of the new parachute club, and of course, safe jumping!

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Activation of m2 tandem in Russia.

Activation of the device m2 version tandem. New cutter was promptly sent to the user and installed, parachute system is assembled and ready to jump. From the request, to obtain a cutter — 4 days. Have a safe jump! Below, a description of the jump from the user «Activation report m2»
«Russia, Vologda, airport DOSAAF» Troufanovo. «A planned parachute jump on tandem parachute system. It was the second jump in the day, after the separation from the aircraft at an altitude of 2500 meters, the instructor threw hearse in normal mode, at an altitude of 1500 meters the instructor made the discovery using a knapsack major release, but the disclosure has occurred, the instructor took the spare release, but also the opening not followed. Then the instructor used the reserve parachute, by opening its link manually disclosure. Reserve parachute opened normally. After landing and inspection of the parachute system was established that failure to disclose the rig led not correct laying the connecting link Droga main parachute, which led to the seizure of Droga link popping your backpack and its disclosure. When viewed from the reserve parachute backpack and set the device there, it was found squib actuation device, as well at the bottom of the knapsack was broken by a loop. Instructor’s explanation about what happened, and the presence of a broken hinge knapsack reserve parachute, it was found that the device has tripped while filling the reserve parachute. «

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Seventh activation of m2 AAD

Skydiver Hyun Woo Hwang joined sunset load of 11-way with camera-flier. After leaving the aircraft (Cesna 208) in 14,000 feet, Woo was hit by both legs of camera-flier to his neck very strongly. As a result his arms became paralyzed and he wasn´t able pull out the ripcord of reserve. Upon reaching critical altitude m2 AAD activated cutter and reserve canopy was deployed. However the landing was not ideal (one line twist), Woo landed without serious injury except neck muscles. He wrote us to an email: ”Many thanks to m2!”
Official Saves report will be add after receiving.

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