About us

Company MarS a.s. in Ukraine

Mars m2 ADD Ukraine operates in the market since the beginning of AAD 2012. During this time, was successfully received and processed a large number of orders from all over Ukraine, as well as from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

2012 — Delivery of more than 10 m2 devices for parachute systems for DZ Borodyanka, Kiev. Just unit is supplied in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vologda, Novosibirsk.

2013 – Advice and sale of devices in Ukraine and Russia, in different cities and towns. More than 30 devices are installed in the parachute systems.

2014 — Acquisition AAD m2 over 30 student and tandem systems in several DZ in Ukraine. The first orders from Kazakhstan and Belarus. At the end of the year , we acquired the status of best dealer MarS a.s.

Our task — providing high-quality service, support user at all stages of the order and the use of the insuring device from the company MarS a.s.

See us on the manufacturer’s website m2 http://www.m2aad.com/ukraine

Our partners:

logo The wind tunnel «Ulet» in Kiev  allows you to experience a real flight. Experience the feeling of free fall, as in skydiving, with maximum security.

5okean Parachute Club «5 Ocean» — skydiving in Kiev, with a height of 4000 meters, in tandem with an instructor or independently. The main property of our club — a highly professional instructors and close-knit team of parachutists. We try to find an individual approach to each athlete throughout the training process.