Activation of m2 tandem in Russia.

Activation of the device m2 version tandem. New cutter was promptly sent to the user and installed, parachute system is assembled and ready to jump. From the request, to obtain a cutter — 4 days. Have a safe jump! Below, a description of the jump from the user «Activation report m2»
«Russia, Vologda, airport DOSAAF» Troufanovo. «A planned parachute jump on tandem parachute system. It was the second jump in the day, after the separation from the aircraft at an altitude of 2500 meters, the instructor threw hearse in normal mode, at an altitude of 1500 meters the instructor made the discovery using a knapsack major release, but the disclosure has occurred, the instructor took the spare release, but also the opening not followed. Then the instructor used the reserve parachute, by opening its link manually disclosure. Reserve parachute opened normally. After landing and inspection of the parachute system was established that failure to disclose the rig led not correct laying the connecting link Droga main parachute, which led to the seizure of Droga link popping your backpack and its disclosure. When viewed from the reserve parachute backpack and set the device there, it was found squib actuation device, as well at the bottom of the knapsack was broken by a loop. Instructor’s explanation about what happened, and the presence of a broken hinge knapsack reserve parachute, it was found that the device has tripped while filling the reserve parachute. «

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